5. Day Three

I am ashamed to say that on Day Three of lockdown, we all gave up and had a lie in.  With hubby at home, finally furloughed (now there’s a word no one ever thought they might be using any time soon) no alarms were set.  We woke up at about 8am and listened to total silence for ages.  We don’t live on a busy street but there are normally cars going up and down it.  Not that day.  I refused to allow the radio on because I simply couldn’t face having to hear more Coronavirus news.

I asked my husband if he thought we would all die; he replied no. He asked me which bin we needed to put out; I told him it was blue and brown bin day but I was pretty sure he had now missed the brown bin collection.  Exciting ehh??

We let the kids lie in.  They didn’t need to get up and I knew that the extra sleep would do them good.  The sun shone but it was bitterly cold.  I tried working on my laptop outside, to get a good zap of vitamin D but had to retreat back indoors when my fingers froze up. I ignored the constant notifications of doom from Sky News on my phone.  I’d had three migraines in three days and my head hurt, so after lunch I had a nap.

I took it easier on the kids and did not make them do PE with Joe Wicks. In fact, I didn’t make them do anything. I backed off and left them to their own devices for a bit.  If I am honest, I no longer had the energy.  Hubby spent his time trying to teach them the names of all the countries in Europe.  I suggested he did it by current percentage death rate but then realised that was probably tasteless and not the right attitude to take.

I did do some work, mostly keeping people informed, answering the odd question.  It is incredibly hard though to do anything under those conditions.  I defy anyone to try to keep their minds on the job.

I kept the news off, other than for the lunchtime news and then the daily news briefing in the afternoon.  It was difficult though as programming now just seems to be one long news bulletin.  They don’t seem to start and end with something different in between anymore.  TV has become a nightmare and all I could find to watch was the Food Network.  

I am even sorrier to say that by Day Four, we all positively mutinied and did absolutely nothing.  I tried to work and ended up listening to Jeremy Vine on Radio Two discussing DIY haircuts now that none of us can get our hair properly trimmed.  One lady phoned in and confessed to giving her husband a bald patch on his head.  Jeremy tactfully asked if her husband had now chosen to self-isolate.

Me and my hubby began to argue.  It’s the little things that really get you at times of crisis but I have always really prided myself on the quality of my arguing ability and I am pleased to say that Day Four was no exception.  When Hubby refused to vacuum the edges of the room with the pipe attachment, I told him that until he did I wasn’t going to allow him to watch Homes Under the Hammer. Later on, he blamed me for burning himself on the sandwich toaster, saying it was my fault as I had objected to his choice of cheese.  I pointed out that it couldn’t possibly be my fault as he never listens to me and today will not have been any exception.

We sat in silence all afternoon following that.  The peace and quiet was wonderful.

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