The Emergency Chicken (and other stories)

5. Day Three

I am ashamed to say that on Day Three of lockdown, we all gave up and had a lie in.  With hubby at home, finally furloughed (now there’s a word no one ever thought they might be using any time soon) no alarms were set.  We woke up at about 8am and listened to total silence forContinue reading “5. Day Three”

1. The Emergency Chicken

Some years ago, around the time that we were all waiting for the onslaught of blizzard conditions one winter, I was sat having my hair cut, chatting away with my lovely hairdresser.  I explained that I wasn’t worried about the weather and had no need to panic buy. Whilst everyone was out there going berserk and gettingContinue reading “1. The Emergency Chicken”

2. Essential Travel Only

School closing slowly became inevitable.  As we all watched the news across Europe and realised that Italy, Spain and other countries had been completely caught by surprise by the Coronavirus, with lockdown having to follow very, very quickly, calls for school closures started to get louder and louder, as more and more people pointed out thatContinue reading “2. Essential Travel Only”

3. Lockdown

I had got into quite a comfortable routine with the news.  Every afternoon I settled down to the latest daily briefing, consisting of a Press Conference with Boris, (looking more and more knackered and flustered) flanked by his medical and science bods.  I quite like Chris Whitty, although I do find him staring out of the TVContinue reading “3. Lockdown”

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