7. Plain Flour and Other Necessaties

The day after the Prime Minister’s announcement that, in a nutshell, enough was enough, we had to all go home and stay at home and never leave home (the one with the 26 million viewers and Boris just looked knackered and beleaguered, before we even dreamt that our great leaders would go and catch theContinue reading “7. Plain Flour and Other Necessaties”

6. Leading Britain’s Conversation

Over the last few months, my husband has taken to listening to LBC Radio (tagline “leading Britain’s conversation”).  He particularly likes to hear Nick Ferrari in the mornings, who is a very good journalist and known for his ability to skewer a politician. LBC (like every other news outlet) have been giving the coronavirus pandemic maximumContinue reading “6. Leading Britain’s Conversation”

4. Welcome to Joe Wicks – your new PE Teacher

When the schools finally closed, the true, chilling reality of what this would mean gradually dawned on me.  My husband was still going out to work and hadn’t even considered that maybe we both had a responsibility for the kids.  It was clear that it all down to me.  I was going to have to be parent, teacherContinue reading “4. Welcome to Joe Wicks – your new PE Teacher”

1. The Emergency Chicken

Some years ago, around the time that we were all waiting for the onslaught of blizzard conditions one winter, I was sat having my hair cut, chatting away with my lovely hairdresser.  I explained that I wasn’t worried about the weather and had no need to panic buy. Whilst everyone was out there going berserk and gettingContinue reading “1. The Emergency Chicken”

2. Essential Travel Only

School closing slowly became inevitable.  As we all watched the news across Europe and realised that Italy, Spain and other countries had been completely caught by surprise by the Coronavirus, with lockdown having to follow very, very quickly, calls for school closures started to get louder and louder, as more and more people pointed out thatContinue reading “2. Essential Travel Only”